Men’s Ministry at St. Philip’s

“Who, me?  Stop and ask directions?  I know exactly where I’m going!!”  

Being a Christian Man of Faith is more difficult than one might think at first.  That’s particularly true when we consider that the whole idea of admitting that “there is a God and we’re not him” means that . . . well, sometimes we need to ask for directions . . . guidance . . . apprenticing . . . mentoring . . . help.  Those things just don’t come naturally to us do they? Men’s ministry at St. Philip’s is designed to provide honest fellowship between Men who are interested in having a challenging, but also safe group to admit that there are things we need help with.  Because when we are honest with ourselves, we know that’s true, at work, in our families, and, yes, in knowing who God is and what difference Jesus Christ makes in our lives.

To that end, our men gather in various settings to build honest fellowship and challenging faith environments where we can have fun, get away from the things that push us to the brink each week, and learn the difference Jesus Christ makes in our lives when we journey with him alongside men just like us.

Motorcycle trips, mid-day lunches, evening dinners, Sunday morning bible studies, Mountain get-aways are all part of the fellowship we are engaged in with one another.  

For more information about our Men’s Ministry, please contact Pastor Patrick at or 302-998-0171