Small Group Ministry for Adults at St. Philip’s

Because “making disciples” is a central part of the ministry of St. Philip’s, we have come to recognize that before we can make disciples, we must, ourselves, be disciples. We must be people who understand the good news of the Gospel and be willing to proclaim it in the world. We also have come to realize that throughout our lives, we have new experiences that help inform our understanding of faith, our hope in God, and our interpretation of even the most well known Bible stories. As such, lifelong engagement with scripture is central in the life of faith.

Small Group Ministry has become one of St. Philip’s most popular programs with more than 120 adults active in small groups each week. There are three formal goals for our small groups: First, participants study scripture together; Second, we learn to pray with and for one another; and Third, we care for one another. Nevertheless, despite our “formalized goals” for these groups, this ministry has become so much more over the years. Our members develop meaningful friendships in these groups. Visitors have a chance to meet people in a relaxed atmosphere. Small Group participants reach out together in service to others in the community impacting the lives of people beyond the walls of St. Philip’s. And each one of us discovers that the faith and life struggles that we think are our own are shared and cared for by others as well.

Our suggestion for those who have not been in a small group before is to commit to try one for at least three weeks. By the end of three weeks, most people know whether this is a ministry that is for them or not.

For those currently in small groups who may have missed their most recent group gathering or who need a copy of the most recent lessons, click the link below to be directed to the current downloadable lessons.

During the 2016-2017 program year, our Small Group Theme is “Alpha & Omega,” which is both the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet (which the New Testament was written in) and also one of the Biblical Names for God (he is the beginning and end of all existence).  As part of this study, we’ll be working through the Biblical Books of Genesis (Beginning) and Revelation (End).  We do hope you will join us.

Alpha and Omega Small Group Registration Form