Growing in the Gospel at St. Philip’s


On most Sundays, there is a short children’s sermon at the midpoint in the worship service. After the Pastor speaks with those young children, they are then invited to either return to their pews with their parents or follow an adult leader to the fellowship hall for Growing in the Gospel.

Growing in the Gospel is a time for the children, up through 3rd grade, to learn the lesson of the day in a way that meets them where they are developmentally – namely to preach and teach to the children. This learning opportunity does three things: first, we continue to instill in our children a love of God by teaching them in ways they understand; second, we provide a time when adults and older children are able to better listen to the Pastor’s sermon without having to juggle children at the same time; and third, children (especially when they get “wiggly”) are given a “change of scenery” and an engaging activity while their worship continues. In that way, we help our children “grow” into the Gospel that we proclaim.

Children return to worship immediately after the sermon ends so that they can continue to worship with all of God’s people.